Sunday, December 4, 2011

Weekend in the mountains!

This weekend I drove to Hickory to visit with my aunt and cousin :)  Saturday we drove to Blowing Rock, which is a cute little mountain town in NC.  After some shopping and lunch, we dropped my cousin Caitlin off at her house and got to see her horses.  They were pretty entertaining :)  Then we had a game night with my aunt's friend.  Playing Taboo with 14 yo twins is hilarious!!  Today we had a lazy morning...ate bagels and took a walk....then it was time for me to make the drive home :)  It was a good time!!! XO

Fun tiles in an art store.


The cutest cupcake store EVER.

Aunt Sherry and cousin Cait :)

Awesome candle makers!!!!

Funky mail truck....I'm easily amused.

Charlie :)

Clearly I love taking pictures of horses making funny can you not love?? 
Jasper and Leo


Brotherly love.

Not so much love.  Not sure what he was yelling about.

Cait and her horse Leo :)

I'm turning this into a greeting card.


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