Monday, December 10, 2012

Christmas in Colorado (so far)

Christmas is 2 weeks away!!  Oy.  December has been crazy busy so far, and its only getting crazier!!  MUST FINISH SHOPPING... 
Anyways, this is the first year in a while that we've decorated for Christmas, and the first year since Sean and I met that we put up a full size tree!  We were planning on buying a real tree but then my aunt and uncle gave us a fake one so we used that instead :)  So here are a few pics of my favorite ornaments and decorations...
Our cute little tree :)

Unit ornament

Mountain Post Spouses Club Ornament
(for which I am now the Historian!)

Gulf Coast Girl Choir...good times :)

No tree would be complete without R2D2 :P

No fireplace. Next best thing!

My old nutcracker...hes been through so much! 

Part of the stocking my mom made me
And now for a few pictures from the 4th CAB Holiday Party this past weekend. Sean planned it and it was a big success!  Plus any party that has a helicopter is pretty cool :P

PS - Happy 100th post to me :)

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