Monday, January 16, 2012

Better late than never...Christmas Vacation!

I realize that it is the middle of January already, but I just haven't felt like putting up pictures.  But here they are. Enjoy!

First up, the Battleship Memorial in Wilmington, NC!

Fort Fisher Aquarium 

Only a few from Christmas day...

Sean getting a Episcopal Service Cross Medal to wear on his dog tags.


Trying really hard to wait his turn :)

On to Myrtle Beach!

Was going to try this...chickened out.  Maybe next time :)


My mom used to make these :)

Right after I took this, the platform we were standing on fell a little bit (on purpose) and I thought I almost died.  Not cool.

Fiji Mermaid :P

These were everywhere...gag.

Ripley's Aquarium/Broadway at the Beach

So beautiful...I want one~!

He wanted OUT!

Right after I took this, the badass turtle BIT A SHARK that was just swimming by!




Sean sticking his hand in water as cold as the water was when the Titanic went down.  He lasted 45 seconds I think?

The angle of the Titanic after 30 minutes I think.
The BIG piano :)

A real bed of nails...not very comfy.

Sean winning the mind control game after I broke concentration to take a picture :P

The ropes course I had to get down from after 5 minutes...apparently I am afraid of heights now.


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