Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Sean's OCS Graduation!!

Yup....I've neglected this blog for a while.  Its been almost a month since Sean graduated Officer Candidate School!  But I have good excuses. First, we had no internet whatsoever at the cabin we rented off Ft. Benning.  Second, the day we left and headed back to Cary, Sean got sick.  Which led to me getting sick.  SOOOO, we spent the week of leave Sean took, sick.  Did nothing, saw nobody.  It sucked.  And I still have the remnants of the cough....3 weeks later.  Awesome.  Third, a week or so after graduation (Sean's 27th birthday/Easter Sunday), we packed up our storage unit and my room at my dad's house, and drove 16 hours with a cranky cat to Ft. Leonard Wood, MO. 
I'll soon post about our new temporary home in Missouri, but for now...GRADUATION WEEK!!!

First was the graduation social...not too many pics from this.

A few days later was the formal.  I was looking forward to this the most because other than my wedding, I'd never gotten all dressed up like this :)

Some cell phone pics first....
Getting ready...
Back of my hair for those who care :)

In front of Iron Mike at the National Infantry Museum
There was food around this ice sculpture, but we took this pic at the end of the night.  Cocktail hour was in this area.
After a cocktail hour and receiving line, we went downstairs for dinner.  It was BEAUTIFUL!!

Some cell phone pics of the table settings...the food was AMAZING!

The girls :)

At our table...somethings was funny :P

Guest speaker

On our way out :)

 On to the main event....GRADUATION DAY!!!  This was a long time coming, and I am so proud of my husband for making it through.  The class started with 160ish, and graduated I think 116ish. 

The morning started with the OC's going on an optional run (at 5am) with the guest speaker of graduation, Cpt Ivan Castro.  I kind of had to nudge Sean to go, but it ended up being totally worth it.  Read about Cpt Castro here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iv%C3%A1n_Castro.
If you didn't click on that link and read it....do it.  He is seriously amazing.

The group

Teaching Kevin how to guide him with a string during the run




Someone loves baby Kyle :)
Kind of surreal that today is actually happening...

Filing into their seats

LTC Best giving the welcome speech

Guest speaker Cpt Castro.  Such amazing man...
Getting sworn in!!

2LT Tyrka!!

Crossing the stage...


Attempting to uncover his new rank...

...it was difficult.

SISTER!!!!  So happy she and my mom got to come :)

After his first salute as an officer :)

So happy to be done with all this!!!  Oh and very proud :)

So happy these 2 made it with new baby Kyle :)

Proud parents :)

Back at our cabin :)  Holy bajesus I am pale!!!
After graduation, we just hung out at our cabin and made lunch :)

Thrilled lol...
PUBLIX CAKE!!! This was heaven after not having any Publix since we left Florida!!
Also, this happened.  I was sneak attacked by a baby.  Not really, but this is the first time I've held a baby in who knows how long.  Clearly I was confused by the situation lol....but Kyle was a trooper and didn't cry for a while.  I even fed him :)

Later that night we went to a karaoke bar for one last hurrah with some of the new LT's. 

Then this happened.....Sean did kareoke....sober.

Some of the group.

The next day we had lunch with our family, then took them to the NIM.  The day after it was time to pack my car to the gills and drive home to NC before the long trip to Missouri!!


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