Friday, September 7, 2012

Playing catch up...

Clearly, I am a horrible blogger.  I keep saying I'll be better, but it doesn't happen.  Other than being lazy, I have no excuse.  Soooo, now you get an extremely long post to play catch up on the last few months.  We are getting ready to move in a month or so, so hopefully I'll have some more interesting stuff in the future :)  Oh, and these pictures are not in date order.  Enjoy! 

Lunch in a cave!
CBRN Spouse day
Teaching CBRN wives some useful stuff :P
Drive through Zoo!
He slobbered on me :(  GAG.
Big kitty!
Sheldon!  He was so sweet :)
 Regimental Week - Green Dragon Ball

Boating/Tubing on Lake of the Ozarks

Cave on post

CBOLC Graduation 


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