Sunday, May 20, 2012

Meramec Cavern and Park

On Saturday, Sean and I took a tour of the Meramec caverns, then stopped at the Meramec State Park.  So much fun!! Enjoy!


A giant pendulam

Part of the Jesse James escape route

An episode of Lassie was filmed in here.

Crazy reflection

They called this the floral garden.

Ghost stairs?

Wine table formation

Amazing formations!!

Map of the entire cavern.  We saw about a quarter of that.

Going to try to see as many of these as we can before we leave Missouri!

Fun sign at the gift shop :)

Cute little kids had caught a ton of fish :)

The water was so cold it made my feet hurt!!

I want a chipmunk!!

The spring!

Water bugs :)

Fish farm

Random rock formation on our way home :)


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