Sunday, October 21, 2012

Our move to Colorado!

On October 1st, Sean and I made the 800 mile trek from Fort Leonard Wood, MO to Fort Carson, CO!  We were set to go to Ft. Riley, KS, but the Army Gods were looking out for us and we had our station changed.  I'm so thankful we did because Colorado is AMAZING!!  It was a super long, boring drive, but we passed the time with walkie-talkies that we used to talk pretty much the whole time (we drove in separate cars).  And of course Misti kept me "entertained".  Here are some pictures that I took on the drive with my cell phone :P
We learned the hard way...1st to load, last to deliver.  3 weeks without our stuff was rough!!  (First world problems)
The cat exploring our now empty house...
Pretty sure she got depressed.  She sat in her little bed forever just being mopey.  Sad kittah.

Our entertainment while the packers worked...planning our fun :)
Misti all set up for the drive!  She really was a trooper...most of the time.

Following the banana car through Missouri...

Kansas!!  What a boring state to drive through....ugh.

Kansas rest stop :P
We passed our (almost) home. 
So many cows and wind generators!

YAY!! Colorado!!!  Until we got to the mountains, it was an awful drive too :(

Home :)

Our townhouse

Backyard view!  Love :)

Last but not least, some of my Halloween decorations :)
Once I get motivated to unpack everything (I am SO OVER packing and unpacking) I'll take pictures of the inside.  Its pretty similar to our MO townhouse, minus the glorious kitchen...I miss that kitchen.  Sigh....

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