Thursday, November 29, 2012

Fancy Brunch and Santa Clause

2 Weeks ago, Sean and I met up with all my CO relatives and were treated by my Aunts to a Welcome-to-Colorado/Dual Birthday Brunch (my 28th, my cousins 6th).  It was the nicest brunch I have ever been to, and it was DELICIOUS!!  It was held at the Broodmor hotel, which I think is similar to the Don Cesar in Florida (pink, beautiful, fancy).  It was great to see everyone! 
These are a few pictures from their website.
!!  Glorious
Brunch set-up!!  So much food

The few pictures I took:

Birthday girls fish faces :)

Coffee 6 yo cousin got the same thing.  It was entertaining :)

After brunch, we drove to the North Pole!  And by North Pole I mean a little theme park in the mountains.  Little cousin got to see Santa and send him her wish sweet! 

On the train

Albino reindeer or something...

Mailing her letter to Santa!

Then she got to sit on his lap...talking to Santa is serious business!

Hoping Santa brings her that bunny she asked for :P

Funnel cakes!!

Sugar, not snow ;)

We were not very good at this game...


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