Friday, August 19, 2011

Always Forward!

2 weeks in...So far so good!  I got my first letter from Sean on Wednesday!!  He seems to be doing good, and getting into routine.  Today his company was sent through the gas chamber...I'm sure that was a blast.  Or not.   There are some pictures posted on Facebook, but I didn't see any of Sean (not sure I would want to honestly).  It sucks not being able to see or talk to him everyday...but only about 60 days until graduation!!  Our hotel rooms are already booked, and I am so excited to see my husband graduate!!  I am so proud :) 
Hopefully this Sunday I will get a phone a dummy I left my phone alone for 2 seconds last Sunday, and that's when he called.  There was much cursing involved. 
Anywho, if you would like to send Sean mail at BCT, please email me or msg me on Facebook for the address. 

60 days to go....ALWAYS FORWARD!


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