Monday, August 22, 2011

A quick update on Sean!!

HAPPY MONDAY!!! It was a super spectacular Monday (after work)....I got my phone back from repair, got the refund check from our apartment, AND GOT ANOTHER LETTER FROM SEAN!  He seems to be doing really well :)  He spent last week doing rope courses and obstacle course type things, teamwork challenges, land navigation and "camping".  He was also made a squad leader :)  Probably one of the highlights for him would be getting his gun issued :)  A low....the gas chamber.  NO FUN.  I also learned in his letter that his company may graduate a week early!  Which is good for him, but bad for me and his mom since was already booked a hotel room for the week after.  Oh well.  Guess well just adapt.  I wont complain if I get to see my husband a week early.  I MISS HIM LIKE CRAZY! 
Anywho, that is most of what I could read from Sean's letter.  His handwriting is worse than normal, but I guess I'll let him slide :P


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