Thursday, September 1, 2011

Yup...another update!!

 Yesterday was a super exciting day for me!! When I got home, I saw I had 1 letter from Sean sitting in the normal mail spot. I squeeled :) As I walked down the hallway to my room to read my letter, I almost stepped on another one! And then another!! In my room I found one more on the floor :) My super awesome dad had made a trail of letters back to my room :) It was the cutest thing ever and totally made my day!!
I was super impressed to get 4 letters at once. Sean seems to be doing pretty good! His platoon seems to be getting smoked a lot for kids who don't give a crap, so that is starting to grate on his nerves, but otherwise he is getting a lot of out BCT. They finally got to shoot their rifles, and Sean did so well that he was asked to stay behind in the field to help his platoon mates. He was also commended by his Batallian Commander for his teamwork...that made him extremely happy :) Later in the week he had his first PT test, and would graduate BCT on those scores alone. YAY! Now he just has to improve his scores so he can class up at OCS! Sean told me that he DOES NOT enjoy doing his laundry....since I've been doing it for the last 4 years, I find this hilarious :P I will admit, it is rather nice doing laundry for 1, but won't complain a bit once we are living together again!! That's a lie....I will complain. A little.
  He has been very lucky in the fact that he has an awesome bunk mate, and they will be going to OCS together! Here's the crazy back story...I signed up for an online forum for families/spouses to discuss anything army. I went in and did my little intro, stating my name, when Sean would be going to BCT and OCS, and the fact that he would be starting OCS on our 2 year wedding anniversary. A girl wrote back and said her husband was also going to BCT/OCS at the same time, AND their 2nd wedding anniversary was the same date as ours!! It was fate :) The boys are now bunk buddies in BCT, and his wife and I are friends :) I have a strange way of meeting people online!!  But its always been a good thing :)
I think thats it for now...OH!  If you are sending Sean mail, please make sure to put #1 on the back on the envelopes.  This helps mail get to him faster.  And let me know if you want his address!

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  1. No man enjoys doing laundry...actually change that to no PERSON enjoys laundry! He will appreciate you all the more...and you will complain especially when he comes in from being out in the field for 2 weeks without a taking a shower! :-D