Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Our move to Missouri!!

On Easter Sunday/Sean's 27th birthday, we threw the cat in the U-Haul and started our journey to Missouri.  We were both sick for the entire week before, so we didn't get to do anything or see anyone before we left :( Sad times.
Here are a few pics from the week before our trip, and the drive to Missouri.

The massive amount of drugs we used for the week...nothing seemed to help :(

Sean's birthday cheesecake :)  Poor boy couldn't even blow out his own candles...didn't want to contaminate the cake.

Trying to feel better in the sun


Kind of embarrassing....my room during packing.

Good bye room!

Our gas guzzling ride...

Saying goodbye to my dad and Lora!!  Misti is clearly thrilled to be in the truck.

She finally chilled after a while...

On the road!!  A much nicer drive than the drive from NC to FL.

Out of NC!!

Missed the sign into Missouri, but this worked too :)

There is something in Missouri!! Six Flags!

After 2 days in a hotel, we found a home!!  We live on a quiet little cul-de-sac in a mostly military neighborhood off post.  The view from the back isn't bad either :)  We love it!!  Please excuse the messy home....if I waited to blog until the house was spotless, it might be a while.  
Front of our half of the duplex.


Front door.  Oooohhhhh......ahhhhhh.....

View once you walk in the front door.

Walking into the kitchen/dining room

Looking to the left, closet, 1/2 bath and door to the garage.

The garage. Ooo la la.

My favorite part of the kitchen....love looking out the window when I do dishes :)

LOVE my cabinet space

Other side...

Living Room

Other side...I'm not putting anything on the walls since we are only here 6 months.  No holes to patch :)
Top of the stairs, our bedroom and Misti's window seat. The door on the left is the computer room.  Too messy for pics.

Around the left side is our laundry room, full bath, and closet.

Door to master suite/full bath...we don't use this as our room since it faces the street and connects to the neighbor.  Right now it is basically a GINORMOUS closet.  Love <3

Our glorious (messy) closet.

Master bed/closet

Sleeping Beauty hijacking our bed. 

The view we wake up to every morning :)

Our backyard view!!

 That's about it for our home...we love it, and I love having all my stuff out of storage!!  Especially my shoes and pots and pans :)  Now for some stuff around post/town.
Our little movie theater :)

TANK!  Part of the outdoor museum

Chunk of the Berlin Wall

On post museum
 From the Chem Corp side of the museum...
Cool painting


I totally want this sign lol...

Apparently Disney made a lot of stuff for the Army...like this creepy gas mask.

And this emblem.

Chem Corp....HOOAH!

Could you imagine??


The awesomest BBQ...at the most interesting place we've been so far :)  I have to admit...it looked pretty scary from the outside...but minus the people smoking inside, it rocked.

 Pic from here: http://www.theroadwanderer.net/66Missouri/elbow.htm
Complete with bras hanging from the ceiling, LOL...
Pic from here: http://www.nosenzor.fr/Photos/USA/Route66_Missouri/SmallImages/Route66_Missouri-08-2008-36.jpg
Aaaaaaand that's it for now!!  Hopefully I'll keep up with this more, especially as we start exploring Missouri more.


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