Friday, May 4, 2012

Randomness around Missouri

Made Sean detour to see this on the way to buy a car. Because everyone should see a giant rocking chair in their lifetime! :P

Home of the Giant Rocker....and dead animals apparently.

Not bad for being inside a moving car!


Car lot balloon

The red bird is the one that attacks our cars because he sees himself in the mirrors/tint.  Jerk.

Red robin...(yummmmmmmmm)

Welcome to the giant town of Devil's Elbow lol

Route 66 Bridge

Trying to find the cave on post

Didn't find the cave, but we found the Spring :)

Beautiful, clear water

We had to walk a little ways to get here, but it was empty and gorgeous.  Totally worth it.

Find the moth...these little guys were everywhere!

We were having fun watching the fish and turtles, and then I spotted this guy...

He fought the rapids until he got to his little hiding space under a rock...

Then his friend came out.

And his other friend.  (3rd snake head in the middle of the 2)

Annnnnnnd we say this guy on the way out.  That was enough snakes for me. 

The end.

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