Thursday, May 17, 2012

How I got my annual sunburn!

Sean and I spent last Saturday with Ryan and Emmaline, and I got my annual sunburn.  Totally worth it though.  First we went to Ha Ha Tonka state park to see the random castle ruins that are there.  
The castle overlooks the Lake of the Ozarks

Not even sure whats happening here.

Seems safe, lol

Long story short - Nice house, burned down.  The end.

Bad Emmaline!

The cave entrence we weren't allowed to go into :(  Stupid bat conservation.

Boating on the Ozark Lake!

The massive houses on the lake....swoon.

Because everyone needs a water slide...


Random burned down house we stopped at

Then....Ryan found a cliff that clearly needed to be climbed and jumped off of.

Then this happened.

Cliff Jumper

On Sunday, guns were involved.

All girls should wear red lipstick while shooting things.

Girls should also wear dresses while shooting things.

Don't move or the butterfly gets it!

He lived :)

Back of the target

Being shown how to shoot.

Girls should also wear bow earrings.


Out of bullets.
And that is how I got my sunburn. 

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